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Wastewater reuse applications and contaminants of emerging concern

30|01|2015 [Dr. Despo Fatta-Kassinos, Ph.D e Dr. Costas Michael, Ph.D]

In response to the escalating problem of water shortage all over the world, treated wastewater is nowadays widely reused and is generally considered as a reliable alternative water source. Although the reuse practice is accompanied by a number of benefits relating to the enhancement of water balances and soil nutrition by the elements existing in the treated flows, a number of unanswered questions still puzzle scientists.

The Opportunities and Economics of Direct Potable Reuse

30|01|2015 [Robert S. Raucher, Ph.D.; George Tchobanoglous, Ph.D.]

Water shortages, the limitations of current water supplies, the impacts of climate change, and new legal definitions of water and water rights are motivating water agencies to expand and secure their water portfolios.

Included in the mix of water supply sources being considered are indirect potable reuse (IPR) and direct potable reuse (DPR). A number of questions have arisen that demand answers. For example, how much will DPR cost versus other sources of water?